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I will tell you on my fingers I will try to explain to him the migration

programs of Canada that are today about the main natural

not about all of them, but about the main programs for now.

I will be walking around this area and I would like to

say that if after watching this video you still have any questions you

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so dear friends before starting about the programs very briefly about recruiter a

why because I keep getting questions all the time people write at recruiter

ah, they constantly ask whether or not it is possible or not dangerous, in general, if in two

in words I will give you a small example one of my clients left for work

a visa to the province of new brunswick a small town they say who we are a dental technician and left

to one of the dental laboratories and he left precisely through the recruiter and in

what plan did he send his resume for open vacancies and one of the vacancies

it turned out that there were vacancies posted by recruiters they were hired by a dental technician

laboratory and he got such a vacancy for him

called recruiter had a short conversation with him on the phone it even

it was not an interview with his words, but just a conversation about who he is and so on then

there were no specific professional questions after

this recruiter transferred him to the employer and this guy contacted

me why because the employers announced the amount the amount was $ 60,000

per year, which even by Canada's standards is a very good pay but for the province

new brunswick and for the city of molds it is sums 60,000 well, in principle, very

a good amount especially considering the area of work where this guy was busy so here

he came to me and says they cheated not cheating I say listen but if all is well

you communicate you can continue to communicate with them until you

will ask you to pay the payment for any services, that is, if the recruiter comes out on

you and will tell you that you should pay me this amount, should you pay me this

the amount for any services you can safely unfold and no longer

conduct no dialogues with them with the employer if they come to you

employers and will say the same thing that needs to be paid

any fee for recruiter services or for what the employer receives

special permit from the government of canada to employ a foreign worker

you can turn around and leave the most important thing when working with recruit arame

understand one thing you don’t pay anyone for anything

the employing company will pay in full with

recruiter and no more calculations should be made in the end so everything and

it turned out he left passed the medical examination received

the work visa left and after a while we talked to him, he says

listen uh had a conversation with the boss in the laboratory everything is good he is all

I liked it and the boss told him that the company paid 8 thousand for him

Canadian dollars to the recruiter and, of course, he does not

asked to make any payments any expenses on his salary

boards, then all this needs to be understood, you still need to understand such a moment that

when you receive an offer or a job offer, no one will

not paying for the flight not your expenses for obtaining a work visa all

it will fall on your shoulders and you will pay all these costs only in

official, that is, your local consulate of Canada is no one else

you don't have to pay anything to intermediaries, not a recruiter, and so on

everything and, in principle, you can start walking along the most interesting and

effective immigration programs in Canada, and of course we will start with

Express Entry Express Entry is not a program even

it is an online system that selects candidates for the pool

or in other words, in such an online storage

and candidates for this system are selected on the basis of points, the more points

the person will receive points awarded for age for experience

work knowledge of the English language by the candidate and his spouse and so on then

there are a number of factors that are underway and the more points it gets

a person the more likely to receive an invitation to immigrate this

candidate, well, the minimum I heard about is me and between the minimum

was 450 points based on my assessment of the situation in

this is an online system, it really has such a feature if you do not type

the required number of points, that is, you have an age or a spouse or

spouse does not know English at all there is an option to get immediately 200

points, this option is that you must receive a job offer either

a job invitation from a Canadian employer in this case you will receive

200 points and this very much add to your chance and leave a whole more

since I emphasize express-entry is such an online platform

a platform where candidates from all over the world compete with each other

that is, based on the points scored and the best candidates with the highest

the number of points get an invitation to immigration how you can

guaranteed to get this invitation one of these ways to get it

the nomination is the same support from the Canadian province

that is, almost all provinces of Canada have their own

general immigration programs if you receive an invitation from the province

nomination, then you immediately receive 600 points, which is sufficient

quantity and and you can after receiving a nomination from

provinces when you update your Express Entry profile by the way

sorry, I forgot to say what you need to register online

system you must create your account you must fill in your profile where you are

specify education age english so on and all of you send this

profile and given this profile fall into the automatic system and this

the system will select candidates with the highest number of points and so we

you need to get a nomination or support from the province you go to the site

immigration programs of one of the provinces and see if you are suitable for

the criterion of this province, after which if you fit you create your profile and

follow this program in case of successful completion of this program

you get the coveted 600 points you will be like future ones

immigrants light enigmatic kind smile why because

you will understand that no matter how you are already here and you have a chance to live one more

life in another country and most likely this life will be different for the better

from what you had before and of course there will be questions from friends and others

what is happening to you, but at the same time you will retain your mysterious appearance and

so it remains to get these 600 points further you do not fit

for none of the listed options, as I said, there are basic

programs and immigration from the province if you meet the requirement of one of

of this program you can apply and leave directly from this

programs without communicating with the smart express-entry system

the peculiarity of these provincial programs of the fact that you apply to

paper form, that is, in the literal sense, you collect documents to do and translate

these documents, put it all in one large envelope and send with

by some express mail and why because I did it all I left pop

Immigration Provincial Programs Manitoba and I

collected translated all the documents put them in a large envelope and

sent game l service is courier delivery to the Canadian immigration

service in the province of Manitoba and at the same time I had a dialogue with the immigration

officer and in fact there are still small programs

cities for example one of the most famous programs is the city program

mardan of such a wonderful small town with such a wonderful

name and many people from the cis countries leave for this city under this program

huge, I mean the huge population ratio of this

the city has a Russian-speaking community that is, there are a lot of Russian-speaking people in this

the city of entire enterprises in which Russian-speaking people work and again

I advise you to pay attention to this immigration program for those people in

whom English is not very high why because now I can say for sure

I can't, but just a couple of years ago, this program required level 5 isles

well, then we turn to Her Majesty Atlantic Migration Pilot aka

Atlantic pilot aka Atlantic immigration program

I can tell the revolutionary program without a dream I have them separate

video now you can see the link to this video the most important thing is that in this

the program is very much reduced requirements for

the first requirement for candidates

this is the level of English this program requires a level

identical to the ielts exam three and a half there is no such low level

is no longer one official immigration program in the world this

official information and there is no lower level in the previous one in my video I

noted that if you come here with such a level, it will be very difficult for you

but in fact, this is a very low level, this is actually the lowest base

level of knowledge of English and this is an official requirement for passing

for the Atlantic pilot the following is an understated requirement is money

atlantic file from requires to show the amount for entry for a family of 3 people

I even wrote myself a sum from the official website

CAD 4,1847 for a family of three compare any other

migration program whether it is provincial or

express-entry online system requires for the same family of three to show

19800 36 dollars and these are only the amounts that need to be shown at the entrance not

taking into account all other expenses and again now you will see a link to that

how much money do you really need to immigrate to canada I calculated this

video all expenses that really were

and so education if in express-entry the higher your education the more

you points, education here is limited to secondary

school age does not matter, but they also gave how many points are needed for it

majesty of the atlantic chambers no points in this program no work experience

work experience is limited to one year, that is, of course you can have work experience

20 years thirty years but minimum work experience to complete that program

this is 1 year, the main requirement of this

programs and the job offer is a job offer from a Canadian

employer, that is, if you do not have an offer for

work you can not go through this program

therefore, dear friends, send your resume, look for an employer and subsequently you

this will greatly facilitate the passage through, in principle, any immigration

program dear friends if you have this video

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once again wish everyone good luck and good health and you must remember one thing that

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